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Five Pawns E-Liquids Guide

Five Pawns Have Crafted Gourmet Flavored E-Liquids

When you hear or read description like “a sweet berry flavor”, fruity and “it taste like a too sweet wine,” one would not think of a vaping product but Five Pawns E-Liquids are dessert flavored and the best e-liquids on the market according to reviewers. Each flavor is a combination of tastes for a complex blend and offer subtle hints of flavors on the inhale and exhale. Although many use vaping as a smoking cessation measure, the unique combination of flavor blends offered by Five Pawns places vaping in a whole new category. Vaping become a flavorful experience in its own right and can be considered indulging in the best desserts without the calories and weight gain. Some of the flavors offered are for the more mature palate of those who enjoy bourbon, rum and liqueurs and offer the taste of mixed drinks without the alcohol content. Five Pawns offer the vaping world a truly unique experience through their special blend and flavor combinations. To experience all of their flavors is as easy as ordering their sampler packs, the Signature Series and the Mixology edition.


The packaging is as distinct and unique as the flavors within the glass bottles. The cardboard tubes and dropper tops also set them apart. Their unique branding prepares you for a unique experience because it is similar to the packaging of rare and expensive liquors. If you find the right flavor blends for you in their samplers, the same flavors can also be purchased individually in 30ml bottles. The smells are a part of the vaping experience and others may get hungry from smelling the delicious vapors you release. With flavors described as “like licorice,” “Dreamcicle,” and chocolate mint Andes candies, delicious and decadent are now qualities of vaping due to the talents of Five Pawns’ flavor creators. Everything you need to a great vaping experience can be achieved with the best flavors form five pawns, and the highest quality vape equipment from eJuice Farm.

The flavors of the Signature Series and Mixology Edition includes:

Absolute Pin – a rich, tasty dessert treat that taste like a creamy cinnamon licorice from a blend of Irish cream, cinnamon and caramel and it smells of black licorice.

Grand Master – the dessert flavor of this vaping liquid starts off with peanut butter and finishes with banana and caramel when exhaled. Hints of chocolate and vanilla are included in this complex blend.

Queenside – This blend of vanilla and citrus results in the orange creamsicle flavor with spices that has a constant flavor from the inhale through the exhale.

Gambit – If you love cinnamon in your apple pie with a buttery crust and creamy caramel topped with ice cream and whipped cream, than Gambit is the flavor for you.

Bowden’s Mate – If mint chocolate ice cream is one of you favorite flavors, you will find it in this refreshing vaping e-juice. It makes an excellent after dinner dessert treat.

Lucena – This treat offers the taste of spiced rum and peach cobbler with hazelnut and cream, a fruity dessert blend that is complexed.

Sixty-Four – This tangy citrus and mint liquid has cucumber and dill to add to its complexity and is more like a summer drink than a sweet dessert.

Perpetual Check – This is the sweet berry blend noted to taste like wine with hints of fig and cinnamon and a lemon taste on the exhale.

Fifth Rank – This lime and cream mixture offer a mint finish. It is described as sweet, creamy and tangy.

Castle Long – The flavor starts off with rich vanilla, caramel and coconut with Kentucky bourbon to finish off. It receives outstanding ratings from reviewers.

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