Bankate Loans: Complete Guide

How to apply for an Bankate loan

How to apply for an Bankate loan

Applying for an Bankate loan is simple, practical and fast. This bank, as we will see later, has made the strengths of the features just mentioned. Let’s see in detail both the options available to submit a loan request.

Loan Bankate Online

To apply for the Bankate loan online, the first thing to do is to produce – photo or better pdf – of the following documentation:

  • identity document;
  • a copy of your tax code or regional health card;
  • 3 copies of the latest paychecks or, if you are retired, the pension coupon. Self-employed and freelancers must submit their tax return, preferably from the past 3 years.

Those who, on the other hand, do not belong to any of these categories and therefore find themselves essentially applying for an Bankate loan without a paycheck, must produce all that documentation useful for certifying the return capacity.

Here is an example of demonstrable income : if they have premises for rent and therefore have a constant income, it is possible to submit a loan request and hope that it will be accepted.

Once the required documentation has been produced, proceed with the quote, then go to Bankate, on the online loan simulator enter the loan amount you want to request, then the number of installments, maximum 120. Arrived at this point, after having chosen the option with or without insurance, presses on “request”.

Follow the instructions on the screen again and fill in the forms where your name, surname, telephone and email are requested. Continue with authorizing Bankate to process data and press the “Continue” button. Continue by entering your personal data and then upload the pdf files or photo files to the work data sheet and press on send.

At this point, Bankate instantly receives all the documentation and verifies it by making further investigations through the risk center database, this to verify the credit status of the person requesting the loan.

In short, we evaluate all the details that allow us to verify the sustainability or otherwise of the loan installment you want to obtain.

Finally, before Bankate provides an affirmative or negative answer to the loan requested, if there are uncertainties about the real repayment capacity, it can decide to request the signature of a guarantor to better protect itself from any outstanding.

Bankate loan in the branch

The second method to apply for an Bankate loan is perhaps the simplest if you are not accustomed to using the internet. In fact, just go – by appointment – to one of the Bankate branches present throughout the country and speak directly with a consultant.

Basically, the required documentation is the same that is produced for the loans requested online, only that it will all be managed by a consultant who will prepare the loan request.

After checking, if the loan is granted, the money is credited in 24, maximum 48 hours.

Bankate loans, how to choose the right one

Bankate loans, how to choose the right one

The types of Bankate loan among which it is possible to choose are manifold, and allow to satisfy the most diverse needs and all kinds of purposes.

Debt consolidation Bankate

The debt consolidation loan, for example, is granted to those who wish to replace the numerous loans they have in progress with a loan that essentially absorbs all the others.

Duttilo loan

Alternatively, you can opt for the Duttilio loan, which is presented as a flexible loan, thanks to which you can get up to 30 thousand USD within 2 days.

It can be requested with the support of an operator, in an agency or in a branch, or, if you wish, you can request it directly online, referring to the financial company’s website.

The most interesting aspect of this loan is that changing the duration of the loan or changing the amount does not imply extra costs.

The flexibility options apply only in the event that the customer has paid the amounts due regularly up to that moment; moreover, they cannot be superimposed, which means that they cannot be combined.

Small Bankate Loans

Small Bankate Loans

In addition to the loans mentioned above, Bankate makes small small loans available: these are loans of modest amounts that are disbursed quickly, credited to the account even less than 24 hours.

Bankate loans for young couples and under 35

Continuing in the review of the loans that can be obtained by turning to Bankate, it is worth mentioning the loans for young couples : the maximum amount that can be reached is 30 thousand USD. In the case of youth loans, you must be under 35 years old.

Sale of the fifth Bankate

Then there is the assignment of the fifth, indicated both for those who have a job as an employee and for those who receive a pension. In this case, you do not have to worry about paying the repayment installment every month, since it is directly withheld on the pension slip or on the paycheck, by the social security institution or by the employer.

Payment delegation

Another form of financing which is conceived only for employees is represented by the payment delegation, which essentially provides for the transfer of two fifths of the salary. In some cases, it is possible to obtain a loan whose installment is equal to 50% of the salary.

The Bankate website

Thanks to the Bankate website, everyone has the possibility not only to request the loan they need, but also to simulate it, in order to understand how much they should pay for each installment.

All you need to do is indicate the amount you need, from a minimum of 500 USD to a maximum of 30 thousand USD, and then specify in how many installments you intend to pay : they can be 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108 or 120.

The costs of the loan are immediately visible thanks to the Tan and APR percentages, so you can have a clear idea of ​​the installments and the total cost of the loan.

It must be said, however, that during the preliminary investigation phase Bankate carries out an assessment of the applicant’s financial profile according to which changes in economic conditions could be applied, both for the amount of the monthly installments and for the rates applied.



In the event that the goal you want to achieve with the money requested through the financing corresponds to the realization of a purchase, Bankate personal online loans are the solution to refer to, since they allow you to obtain the amount of which you needs with a few steps and very quickly.

To advance the application for an online loan, as we said, you only need an income document, the tax code and an identity card. The amount can then be repaid without worry, also thanks to the competitive rates offered.

If you are undecided about the formula in which to move, the advice is to book an appointment at the branch, in order to take advantage of the suggestions and information provided by the consultants.

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