Loan Interest Calculator

The free online interest calculator for loans allows the calculation of loan interest during the term. With this interest calculator, you can easily obtain an interest rate, calculate the term of the loan and the monthly loan rate. 

Example and information about the loan calculator

Example and information about the loan calculator

With the loan calculator, you can calculate the interest on a loan with partial payment, repayment deferral, rate change, individual special repayment and interest rate change to the day and calculate an exact repayment plan. It is suitable for annuity loans as well as for repayable loans with flexible repayments. Interest on loans, including partial payments, deferrals and unscheduled or flexible repayments, is determined on a daily basis and a detailed repayment schedule is generated.

With the loan calculator, you can calculate annuity loans (loans with the same repayment rates), which are paid in one operation or in installments, as is customary in home and building finance. As well as loans with flexible repayments, where the borrower pays only monthly interest and the actual loan debt is paid out.

Such financing often takes the form of personal loans. The loan calculator calculates the due interest amounts, the remaining debt according to the selected maximum maturities (eg fixed time for mortgage lending) or the effective maturity if the loan has already been repaid within the specified deadline and the annual interest rate calculated from the input data. At the same time, the loan calculator offers a day-specific repayment plan that shows all the cash flows at the appropriate dates.

If required, the interest amounts can be split exactly according to periods – for example, you can determine differences that derive from different interest rate methods. The loan calculator helps you calculate the exact financing with interest and repayment. For example, you can check how different framework conditions impacted the result and how your interest burden and residual debt can be reduced through special repayment.

In the case of unscheduled repayments, you can also heavily influence the financing measures already in progress. Another specialty of the loan calculator: He expects a minimum repayment rate. If this is sufficient for the interest and repayment, both are offset against each other. If the selected interest rate is too low, it will be used to cover interest; You can also calculate the pure interest rates.

Credit and loan types

Credit and loan types

The difference between loans and credits: The loan is a certain type of loan, while the legal definition of loans goes further. In practice, however, both names are used synonymously, namely a loan with relatively small amounts and a loan with large sums. For this reason, there are different forms of loans and loans that differ in the eradication:

Loans and credits are equally repaid, those that are repayable at one go and those that can be redeemed at their discretion. There are also different loan types in the production costs – from the expensive dispositif to the interest-free loan (which is also not free of charge).

On the other hand, the same type of loan is often given in very different terms. Below is a brief outline of the different forms of credit and loan. You get information about loans and find out which ones hide behind which addresses.

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