SMS payday loans – how to take loans without a bank account


The financial services market is so diverse that every customer can easily find a product for themselves. Until now loans via the Internet have become a standard, where money can be obtained even within 15 minutes . For many customers, however, the limitation is that they do not have their own bank account or have an overdraft that prevents the verification procedure. Loans via SMS can be the solution to this problem. How to use them?

What is payday pay by text?

What is payday pay by text?

When applying for a loan from a non-bank company, you have the choice of traditional payday loans or installment loans. The former are a much more advantageous option due to the fact that they are granted for free to new customers, and they also have simpler credit procedures. An SMS loan is a financial product that can be obtained in a short time, on simplified terms . Although your own bank account is a standard nowadays, not everyone can use it to get a loan. You will take the instant SMS even if you are not the owner of the account, you share it with your spouse or you have a debit account. How to do it

Instant message for SMS – how to apply for it?

Instant message for SMS - how to apply for it?

The market of non-bank products is very flexible, which is why it tries to adapt to the constantly changing needs of customers. Although own bank account is not unusual these days, not everyone has their own bank account. The main criterion for granting a loan in a non-bank company is having an account in the bank, saved on your own data. If you do not have your account and you share the account with your spouse, it would exclude you from the group of non-bank company customers. How to use financial support in such a case?

  1. Create your account and fill out the contact form with your details.

  2. Use the sliders to set the loan amount you are applying for.

  3. By submitting the form, please indicate that you are requesting payment by bank check .

  4. Wait for feedback from the consultant who is considering your application.

A bank check is one of the payment options that customers who apply for a loan can choose. This is a solution when the customer does not have access to his bank account or due to overdraft, he is not able to properly verify.

SMS instant messages – what conditions must be met

SMS instant messages - what conditions must be met

Applying for a loan via SMS is nothing new, as such products have been on the market for many years. Before technological development went ahead and the Internet became a standard in Polish homes, SMS payday loans constituted the most important segment of the non-banking market . To apply for a payday loan, you must meet the same conditions as for other non-bank loans. The differences result from the fact that the process of identity verification and cash payment does not take place via the Internet, but in a mail window. To take advantage of the payday loan by SMS , however, you must complete certain formalities, such as:

  • Polish nationality,

  • living in the country,

  • 20 years old

  • possession of a valid ID card,

  • active phone number

  • no outstanding obligations

Although the company offers SMS payday loans without BIK and KRD , it can check your credit history in databases. If you have unpaid liabilities on your account, the consultant may offer you a special sms loan for the indebted, thanks to which you will pay off outstanding debts and improve your credit standing.

Fast loan via SMS – why is it quick?

Fast loan via SMS - why is it quick?

The offer includes loans that stand out due to their high loan speed. This is influenced by the fact that the application for a payday loan can be made 24/7 , without the need for personal intercession, because the whole procedure takes place via the Internet. When it comes to cash loans via SMS , you also need network access, as you need to set up your personal profile and send an online application. Although loans are available 24/7 , the cash payment depends on the consultants’ working hours and interbank sessions. By deciding to pay for SMS, you can shorten the waiting time for payment, as it is not dependent on the bank in which you have an account.

Why are payday loans paid faster ?

Why are payday loans paid faster ?

When applying for a loan, you must take into account that you will have to go through the verification process. You can use the verification transfer option or the electronic service consisting of logging into your bank account. If your account is not compatible with the one supported by , the time of posting the verification fee may be extended to even one day, which is associated with a longer waiting time for cash withdrawal. Instant messages do not require verification via the Internet , because both proof of identity and payment of money is based on the identity card at the post office.

How to receive money from a loan via SMS?

How to receive money from a loan via SMS?

If you decide to withdraw using a bank check, you do not need to make a verification transfer or log in to electronic banking. This allows people who cannot service their bank account due to debit or debt collection . This option is also often used by people who do not trust Internet transactions and are not fluent in using computers. By choosing the method of payment with a bank check, you will receive a text message and an email that will allow you to withdraw cash. Then all you have to do is go to the nearest post office, where the loan will be made via SMS. You just have to remember to bring your ID card, because it will allow you to finalize the transaction. In many cases, the bank check is a solution that significantly reduces the time it takes to receive money . You do not have to wait for data verification and transfer, because the necessary information for withdrawal is sent from time to time after the credit application has been approved.

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